Front Trends 2016

Its been a long time ... I remember my last time @FrontTrends and it was a most exciting time i have ever had as a Front End Developer. Motivation is very important when you have a real passion and this event is the most motivating event in Poland for Front End Developers. I wish to say thank you for my company Nitro Digital for tickets and full support of our trip with my friends from Nitro Digital Front End Team!

So... How event was looking from our perspective? It started on Wednesday... We just needed to take our batches and start the conference. There was a lot of place to take sit inside and start listening of speakers.

2016-05-18 09.22.54

But what can you eat during the conference? Almost everything! Breakfasts and lunches were great. Below you can see the queue in lunch time.2016-05-19 13.14.03

Outside there was a lot of space to sit and be a part of Front Trends. Sometimes it was  hard to take your own sunbed but... As you can see we made it one day and still participated.


I wish to say thank you for all people involved into Front Trends to make this event the best event The best Front End Event in Poland. I wish to say thanks to Nitro Digital for all support of our trip to Front Trends! I wish that next year this event will be as good as this year!