Tatry - Great chillout place in Poland

Last week Ive been with my family in Biały Dunajec near Zakopane. It's placed in the heighest mountains in Poland - Tatry. This is great place to have a rest and bring your body and mind back to life. The trip from Kielce city took us about 4 hour because of traffic on roads but after it we landed finally in great guesthouse - Emilia Sierockie.

Near Zakopane there is a lot of places which you need to see and where you dont need to have any additional equipment like Dolina Kościelecka (with Mroźna Cave), Morskie Oko, Gubałówka... If the weather isnt as good as your mood you should check the thermal pools!

I recommend this region to see how looks the local culture and to see all the great views. Belive me... all of this panoramas doesnt have that something what you can see when you are there. So if you like the mountains and you are looking for some place to have a short vacation - go there!

Enjoy the view!

IMG_2715 Dolina Kościeliska

IMG_2716 Panorama of Dolina Kościeliska

IMG_2717 Panorama of Dolina Kościeliska

IMG_2719 Sierockie

IMG_2720 View from the window @ Emilia Sierockie

IMG_2721 View from the window @ Emilia Sierockie

IMG_2722 Sierockie