Angular – Side effects with @effect and ngrx – CRUD snippets

Angular is giving great tools to build application and NgRx gives you opportunity to manage you app with state. In this article I’m sharing few code snippets which will help you to bring @Effects to work with CRUD application. Actions In post.actions.ts file we are creating actions like import {Action} from ‘@ngrx/store’; export enum PostActionTypes […]

Vue.js – ScreenshotMaker part 2 (using Jade with Vue.js, call variables)

Each project needs evolution. After a comment by Peter van Meijgaard ( in previous post ( Ive made a few changes. Changes in variables Previously: makeScreenshot: function(e) { this.$set(‘form’, false); this.$set(‘inprogresss’, true); Vue.http.get(‘http://localhost:8888/screenshot?url=’+this.url).then((response) => { var res = JSON.parse(response.body); this.$set(‘success’, true); this.$set(‘inprogresss’, false); }, (response) => { this.$set(‘error’, true); this.$set(‘inprogresss’, false); }); } Current: methods: […]

ScreenshotMaker with Vue.js – First look at Vue.js (HTTP and simple component)

Currently everybody is focused on most trendy JS frameworks like Angular 2 and React. This giants are taking the most of Front End market. Ive heard a little bit about Vue.js but I gave it a small chance. Vue.js CLI Vue.js comes with CLI so it is easier to deal with it.The official website of […]

Check your knowledge about selectors

Do you want to check your fundamental knowledge of Front End Developer? Check if you can deal with selectors! You can do it on this page: In this simple app you can check your knowledge about selectors based on:element#idelement in element#id A.classnameelement.classNamePut your back into it!tag, tag (list of element)*element *element + elementelement ~ elementelement […]

ScrewDefaultButtons plugin and “Uncaught RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded”

I was using a lot of plugins which can make my life easier when Im dealing with inputs especially checkboxes and radio buttons. One of the best plugins which Im been using is ScrewDefaultButtons. Ive started with this one: Lorem ipsum dolor When the plugin was invoked on this element with code: $(‘.product_filters input[type=”checkbox”]’).screwDefaultButtons({ image: […]