Professional CSS by Piotr Sikora (PACKT Publishing)

It’s been a long time… I should tell about this book. But… there wasnt a way to do that online so here it is! Outline of the book: Chapter 1, Foundation and Tools …is about tools that will help you build better CSS code. It describes features of preprocessors before providing foundational knowledge about SASS. In […]

Angular 2 – How to pass more parameters to Pipe

Pipes are very important element of Angular 2 framework. With it you can transform and filter your data. But how can you deal with it? Lets start with a simple definition of pipe which filters data: import {Pipe, PipeTransform} from ‘@angular/core’; @Pipe({ name: ‘filterData’, pure: false }) export class FilterData implements PipeTransform { transform(items:any[], args:string[]):any[] […]

In my previous post Ive described using Pipes with data loaded through Http request. First comment was about using loop: You should maybe think about using map and filter instead of for loops Thanks Angular2guy for this comment because it made me curious (like Curiouse George : ) ) to check which loop should I use to make a […]

Angular 2 – Pipes (TypeError: Cannot read property ‘length’ of undefined)

Ive been trying to build simple filtering in application -> Show-ur-bugs ( Let me introduce the error environment firstly: project-list.component.ts import ‘rxjs/add/operator/map’; import {Component, OnInit} from ‘@angular/core’; import {ProjectService} from “../../shared”; import {ProjectListSingleComponent} from “./project/project-list-single.component”; import {FilterData} from “../../filter-data.pipe”; @Component({ moduleId:, bindings: [ProjectService], selector: ‘app-project-list’, templateUrl: ‘project-list.component.html’, styleUrls: [‘project-list.component.css’], directives: [ProjectListSingleComponent], pipes: [FilterData] }) export […]

Raspberry Pi node.js and how to start with programming GPIO (Pixpress project on Github) – Part 01

Last time I was a little bit busy… because of playing with Raspberry Pi 🙂 Yeah… I think it made me motivated to digg deeper in nodejs/expressjs. Firstly what I needed to do was installation of system on SD card. Ive downloaded Raspbian (here) and installed Jessie installation with Xwindows.(here you can find info how […]

Front End Developer Interview – Questions part 1

Headhunters are calling to you and want to check your skills as fast as possible. What are they asking about? Its rather simple questions but in some cases they know the tricky ones. So what are they asking? Question: (CSS)Do you know the box model?Please list elements of box model. This is the most fundamental […]