Pure CSS only collapsible elements. How to create accordion without JavaScript

Pure CSS collapsible (with on click) containers/elements/whateva. HTML Code: Tab 1 Tab 2 Tab 3 ELEMENT 1 ELEMENT 2 ELEMENT 3 CSS Code: h1 {display: none; } a.par:focus {color: red} a.par.cac1:focus ~ h1.zzz1 { display: block; color: blue } a.par.cac2:focus ~ h1.zzz2 { display: block; color: blue } a.par.cac3:focus ~ h1.zzz3 { display: block; color: […]

Front End Developer arsenal – SASS. Installation and short manual

Have you ever been dreaming about variables in CSS code? Or maybe other functionalities like functions? The simplest way to have a variables in CSS is to work with preprocessor like SASS. Ruby  Firstly you need to know if you have Rudy on your machine.  Type in your terminal: ruby -v If execution of this […]