State machine in JavaScript – How to build your own Redux like engine

This article will describe shortly how to build Redux-like state machine engine. So shortly what we need to define state machine?– State itself (method which will deliver the state)– Subscribe method (which will subscribe to state changes)– Dispatch method (which will execute changes of our state engine) Redux like engine – Step 1 – Draft […]

Vue / Vue router / Vuex using TypeScript – Part 1 – Project initialization

This article will be an introduction how to create project based on TypeScript using Vue.js and Vuex . We will start with creating application using VueCLI. Plan of our Vue / Vue router / Vuex application We will write simple CRUD application which will be simple : Getting list of posts (loading it to store) […]

Axios and empty data field. Cross-Origin Read Blocking (CORB) blocked cross-origin response. CORS.

I had a situation last week with requests to server from Vue using Axios where data field has been empty. Server had CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) enabled. The most important thing is that it was GET request ran in Chrome. When I ran my url in browser – there was response in JSON format. I’ve […]

TypeScript – Types in Destructuring Assignment – Vue and Vuex

This is very common right now to use TypeScript in JavaScript project. TypeScript is using static typing so it’s easier to analyse code. Of course some of Front End Developers can say that JavaScript is giving a possibility to omit static typing and it wasn’t created to deliver this kind of functionality however in case […]