State management – Prepare environment (to do it properly)

To start project we will need to create node project. I assume that you have installed Node.js on your machine. If not you can do it easy with installator on Now lets create a project. I assume that you are familiar with command line. Open command line and go to your directory in which […]

JavaScript course – Object iteration (key / value)

I’ve decided to create next lesson in my JavaScript course. Lesson as previously is published in two languages (english and polish). This lesson is related to Object iteration using key / value. English version: Polish version: I’m waiting for your feedback!

Why I started working with Stylus? Why should you check another CSS precompilator?

For last few years I’ve been working with SASS. I was blindly related to this language after few tests with other CSS precompilators. Few days ago I started creating project from 0 and wanted to make research in this area. Firstly Ive started with SASS but… The first issue which I had was differences between […]

JavaScript course – Destructuring assignment

I’ve started thinking about courses few months ago. But who doesn’t start he/she won’t get feedback 🙂 So for now Ive created one lesson which is active: This lesson is available in polish version as well: Every subject will be updated when I will get more samples from real life. The most important […]

Angular – Side effects with @effect and ngrx – CRUD snippets

Angular is giving great tools to build application and NgRx gives you opportunity to manage you app with state. In this article I’m sharing few code snippets which will help you to bring @Effects to work with CRUD application. Actions In post.actions.ts file we are creating actions like import {Action} from ‘@ngrx/store’; export enum PostActionTypes […]