Raspberry Pi node.js and how to start with programming GPIO (Pixpress project on Github) – Part 01

Last time I was a little bit busy… because of playing with Raspberry Pi 🙂 Yeah… I think it made me motivated to digg deeper in nodejs/expressjs. Firstly what I needed to do was installation of system on SD card. Ive downloaded Raspbian (here) and installed Jessie installation with Xwindows.(here you can find info how […]

Front End Developer Interview – Questions part 1

Headhunters are calling to you and want to check your skills as fast as possible. What are they asking about? Its rather simple questions but in some cases they know the tricky ones. So what are they asking? Question: (CSS)Do you know the box model?Please list elements of box model. This is the most fundamental […]

Pure CSS only collapsible elements. How to create accordion without JavaScript

Pure CSS collapsible (with on click) containers/elements/whateva. HTML Code: Tab 1 Tab 2 Tab 3 ELEMENT 1 ELEMENT 2 ELEMENT 3 CSS Code: h1 {display: none; } a.par:focus {color: red} a.par.cac1:focus ~ h1.zzz1 { display: block; color: blue } a.par.cac2:focus ~ h1.zzz2 { display: block; color: blue } a.par.cac3:focus ~ h1.zzz3 { display: block; color: […]

Front End Developer arsenal – SASS. Installation and short manual

Have you ever been dreaming about variables in CSS code? Or maybe other functionalities like functions? The simplest way to have a variables in CSS is to work with preprocessor like SASS. Ruby  Firstly you need to know if you have Rudy on your machine.  Type in your terminal: ruby -v If execution of this […]