Cookie clicker game - quick hacks :)

I remember about 6 months ago when I was playing Cookie clicker game with my friend. We had a rat race who will have more cookies per second.

How to click without clicking in this game? Just open JS console (ALT+CMD+I on Chrome) and insert this code:

var interVal = setInterval(
    var myEl = document.getElementById('bigCookie');;  }
, 1);

It will click cookie each 1 milisecond… but… if you need more cookies on your account:

var  gameEarn = setInterval(function() {
}, 1);

… and you will not be as fast as you can start buying any stuff :)

If you don’t want to click any button to buy stuff:

var buyStuff = setInterval(function() {
var myEl = document.getElementById('product0');;
var myEl = document.getElementById('product1');;
var myEl = document.getElementById('product2');;
var myEl = document.getElementById('product3');;
var myEl = document.getElementById('product4');;
var myEl = document.getElementById('product5');;
var myEl = document.getElementById('product6');;
var myEl = document.getElementById('product7');;
var myEl = document.getElementById('product8');;
var myEl = document.getElementById('product9');;
var myEl = document.getElementById('product10');;

Cookie clicker game

Have a nice gameplay!