Django - first project. How to prepare environment.

I like to search inspiration in other technologies. My last research was about speed and app performance. One of “fast” languages is Python. I heard about this language when I was a beginer in IT and wished to learn some programming language. This one was an example of languages ‘good to learn programming’. Today its language used in apps like youtube, blogger and

How to prepare your first project in Django?

1. Install the latest Python from

2. Install PIP

download this file :
and run it from console with:

sudo python

Update if you need:

pip install -U pip

For other systems check this link (

3. Install django **

sudo pip install Django==1.6.5

And check your installation


import django

If you want to get out of python CLI push CTRL+D

4. Create Django project** startproject mysite

This will create for you a folder mysite with Django project

Check your website on your localhost