Front End Developer arsenal - IDE. PHPStorm/WEBStorm

As a developer you need to choose Integrated Developer Environment. Of course it has to be good for you and you have to feel comfortable when you work on it. I have been working on Eclipse based editors like Aptana or Eclipse itself but last two years Im working on PHPStorm and WEBStorm. Why?

1. Version Control System

When you are working with code you need to work with some version control system to have a better control on your project. PHPStorm/WEBStorm provides you really good software to support dealing with GIT/SVN/Mercurial or even old CVS.

2. Zen Coding / Emmet

Working on CSS/SASS and HTML files can be easier with Zen Coding/Emmet. Emmet is a tool integrated with PHPStorm/WebStorm. Just open CSS/HTML file and use it.

3. File watchers

You need to use SASS, Jade or CoffeeScript in your projects to improve and speed up your workflow. Executing all filewatchers from terminal can cause problems if you are not dealing with Grunt.js or any other task runnrr. Click Preferences > File watchers and add file watcher for your files.

4. Deployment options

Deploying new versions on FTP/SFTP can be done by some FTP client (for example FileZilla, WinSCP). In PHP storm you can synchronize your project with FTP server. Open Preferences > Deployment. Define your server and set it as default server. Define mappings. Then click Preferences > Deploment> Options and set Upload changed files automatically to the default server as Always or on Save action and… tadam - configuration is ready to deal with your server.

5. Local history

In some projects you need to work with VCS Repositories. Its really good aproach to work with repository on any kind of projects as I mentioned before. But sometimes some steps are not commited to your repository and you need some code which was edited 20 minutes ago. In this case local history is the most powerfull tool of this IDE. Just right click on file > choose Local history and yo have a list view of your changes.