Front Trends 2014

Front Trends is a conference which took place in Warsaw 7-9 may. It was really crazy 3 days of talks and meetings between Front End Developers from all around the world.

Before first day of this conf I thought that its going to be very long speeches with some tips and tricks… but… after each speech I wanted to know more about used techniques, about tips etc. Each speaker had a really big experience in Web and Front End Development. Some of them has them own startups. Other are creating big projects in companies like PayPal, The Guardian… Some of speakers I only knew from the Videos on YT. Now i can say that they are really nice people and after short chats that they are funny guys.


Julian Cheal - Dancing with robots
Tero Parvianinen - Build your own AngularJS
Jed Schmidt - API Have Dream
Tim Messerschmidt - Supercharding Node with Kraken
Rachel Andrew - We’re Not “Doing a Startup”
Zeno Rocha - A Future Called web components

After this conference we can predict that this and next year will maybe be a year of Web Components. As a participants we heard about new version of AngularJS (2.0) so its maybe going to be a year of Angular? But for sure its going to be a year of JavasScript! Evolution of this language and all frameworks is really big and count of use cases is still rising. So maybe 2014/2015 will be a year of JavaScript?

Cya next year on Front Trends!