How to install PrestaShop 1.6 / How to installation of PrestaShop 1.6 theme

Sometimes as a Front End Developer you will need to create a prestashop theme. You will need Prestashop installation so… Lets prepare it


What you will need to install PrestaShop?

  1. Server (FTP/SFTP) login/password/host
  2. MySQL database login/password/dbname/host

How to install PrestaShop

  1. Copy file to your server.
  2. Change write permisions for folders
  3. Run installation process (write URL in browser)

After Installation process

  1. Remove install folder
  2. Change admin folder name to for example folder123

Access Back-end of prestashop


admin123 is your choosed folder name for admin folder.

Intallation of PrestaShop theme

  1. Copy needed modules to modules dir
  2. Copy theme to themes dir
  3. Open prestashop BE
  4. Preferences > Themes and choose your new theme.
  5. Sometimes in new theme you will need to regenerate your thumbnails. Regenerate them and…

Thats it!