How to keep projects to be safe? Three methods (layers) of safe and free project.

I always keeped projects on my external HDD but sometimes it wasnt enough… Sync time and keeping projects up to date in two places is not as good idea as using cloud structure.

Keep your files in cloud (the best choice - in two separate clouds)
Of course Im still talking about keeping projects without having any amount of money. Currently Im working on projects in two places. In work and in home. Two different machines forced me to keep data in some cloud. First thought is Dropbox (I think that because of its history and most known name). So first synchronized copy is in Dropbox. The second copy of my projects I keep on my Google Drive.

Git is mandatory!
The third layer of my “system” is GIT. How to keep projects private without any amount of money (Github is giving you an opportunity to keep projects private but you need to pay for this extension)? Try BitBucket.



How are you keeping your projects safe? Are you using some cloud resources?