JS13KGAMES ranking

JS13KGames was a competition for game developers. The most important rule of this competition was to build a game with file limit size 13kilobytes.

Judges of JS13KGames:
Andrzej Mazur
Robbert van Os
Christer Kaitila
Elle Chen
Jason Weathersby
Robert Podgórski
Michael Wales

There were two categories of games : desktop and mobile. In both categories Pest Control Weasel was a winner!

Final ranking for desktop games:

  1. Pest Control : Weasels / @Siorki / source
  2. EXTREME MINI MASSACRE / @pixelstab, byfelipe / source3. ap11 / @therealaurhe / source

Final ranking for mobile games:

  1. Pest Control : Weasels / @Siorki / source2. Element Puzzle / suntemple.co / source
  2. Virtual War / @remvst, www.tap2play.io /

Congratulations to all winners and competitors!

Check the full ranking!