OSX Yosemite (aka YoseMietek in Polish) - how long can be 1 minute

Ive wanted to download Yosemite 2 hours after official release but it was impossible in my country (Poland). I came asleep woke up and Yosemite was available :) So happily I started installation procedure. As always you want product “right now” and time of downloading/installing is longer than predicted in software so Ive made a little diary of time updates on my MACs screen:

9:43 - 24 minutes
9:49 - 19 minutes
9:55 - 14 minutes
9:59 - 1 minute
10:14 - 1 minute :)
10:15 - Restart

About all new feature I dont have to say anything because all new posts about Yosemite gathers them… So what can I say after first launch… Whats is new? I think that the first look was “WOW”. Flat feeling is not available for now on MAC - thats good because flat trend is awsome for minified UI but in some cases makes our life uncolored.

One most promoted feature which is for some users really fine is calling from your Mac through iPhone. When you are workin almost all day on your mac its pretty awsome feature - you dont have to catch your phone to answer the call or sms. You are doing it all through your MAC. Full life environmet prepared by Apple (Phone + Laptop) gets one point from me.

And… ehhh … the most sad info is that my Mac is now slower. Ive got:

MacBook Pro (17-inch, 2009)
Procesor: 3,06 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
Memory: 8 GB 1067 MHz DDR3

Yeah… this machine has 5 years but I dont want to change it now to smaller version (15inch or any other). Where it is slower? On animations of course (moving between the fullscreen apps etc).

Anyway - we (Front End Developers / Web Developers) have to know all new trends and I recommend this system as an example of new trends in UI. Superflat designs - go away with them and add some super feeling into it ! :)