DevMeeting – Angular 2

Last weekend Ive been with my friends at DevMeeting about Angular 2.0 in Krakow. DevMeeting is a great idea for all developers who wants to get knowledge about some technology/framework in one day. Of course its rather basic knowledge but this hardest steps at the begining you can do with somebody who knows it better. Additionaly it is easier to get knowledge with a group of specialists with good IT background.

Who was the master of ceremony? Andrzej Kopeć ( who made a really good job with this workshop. I hope Andrzej that its not your last DevMeeting adventure and we will meet on next workshops done under this label. Big thanks to Piotr Zwoliński who is main inventor of DevMeeting idea! I hope next time Piotr we will have a little bit more time to stay on after party! 🙂

If you want to start with the Angular 2.0 you should check Andrzej’s Angular2.0 starter based on gulp:
If you want to be on time with DevMeetings just like this page:
The official website of DevMeetings:

Big thanks to my trip friends (Marcin and Dawid) and Nitro Digital for sponsorship of our trip.

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