Recruitment process is still getting better but when you are a specialist in some area you are still getting some emails/messages with new opportunities. Its in some cases looks like SPAM in your inbox. In some cases you this messages looks like template email with quick check of your availability and status what makes me nervous and blind for them. And here comes Workshape - with great idea:

No Recruiters. No CVs.

Just great opportunities, matched to you
Ive created an account today there. You can do it with GitHub so it is really simple. Than you have to prepare your own expectations (sallary, place of work, work mode) and list of your skills.

And here comes your profile:


In you can get statistics too:   Talent matching for tech   2Talent matching for tech

When you want to change your job or just to be still updated about needed skills you need to take care about your PR in internet with social media. Thats why I urge to create an account on